3 Tips On Starting Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Affiliate marketing remains a major part of income for bloggers and other content creators. If you are thinking about starting affiliate marketing, there are a few strategies to increase your chance of success, without being "salesy."

Be Patient

Affiliate marketing requires patience, not only because it can be slow to gain revenue from affiliate links, but also because it's not a revenue-generating strategy you use in the early stages of your blog. Once you start blogging, you can expect to wait six months to a year before you begin incorporating affiliate marketing, depending on how much traffic you generate. The reason you should delay affiliate marketing is because you want to build engagement and trust with your audience. Visitors who land on a freshly-generated blog with affiliate links are unlikely to return, because the blog will look like spam. Once you gain a decent amount of traffic to your blog regularly by practicing good search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, using other modalities to attract an audience (such as social media), and engaging with your audience, then you can begin integrating affiliate links.

Use Good Strategy

Your success with affiliate marketing will likely depend on the strategy you use. The most important part of your strategy will be finding affiliate programs that relate to your blog. Start by looking at major stores you purchase from or products you already own and use frequently that make sense for your blog. The major benefit of enrolling in affiliate programs from these stores and products is that you can genuinely speak about the service or product from experience. You can also incorporate pictures and video with your blog posts of how you use the product, which further increases your credibility. Some websites have affiliate marketing "banks" where you can search through different products and retailers to determine who is offering an affiliate program. If you are unfamiliar with the product or store and want to join their affiliate program, invest the money in the product to see how you feel about it before promoting it.

Don't Overdo It

Even people with millions of followers on their blog or YouTube channel would receive significant criticism if they promoted products in every video. Similarly, your blogging should not turn from informative or entertaining to sheer promotion. Some bloggers choose to incorporate strategically placed ads on their blog so people will click on the ad and purchase a product. A visitor knows the ad is there, but every post is not promoting the product. You might choose to make an affiliate post once per month, only when you have a new product or if you talk about a product that is not part of an affiliate program, but your visitors can purchase it through an affiliate link for a major retailer.

Success using affiliate marketing services requires significant patience and strategy to promote logical products, without being off-putting to your visitors.